• project-tub

    tub installed

    at the end of last year, our shower stopped working correctly… long story short, this led to the bright idea that we should rip out the shower and put in a tub. which gave me this…

  • misl, docker

    running a container in swarm

    now that i have a slimmed down image from the previous post lets get it up and running as a service. i did not do any reading before trying this so i took the working docker run example from earlier post and jumped straight in with…

  • misl, docker, dotnet-core, aspnet, raspberry-pi

    exec format error

    after getting a working image, i pushed the image to docker hub. i then copied the guidmaker.pfx to my raspberry pi:

  • misl, docker, dotnet-core, aspnet

    moving a dotnet core aspnet app to docker

    as i learn docker, and with my professional life working primarily in the microsoft ecosystem, i have read many blogs, articles, and tutorials. these have been educational, yet i continue to run into issues and nuances as i work to move a dotnet core aspnet app into a container. i am documenting these here as i run into them.

  • misl, pi-hole, raspberry-pi

    happier network with pi-hole and raspberry pi

    my home network started off 15 years ago with a dsl connection, wifi access point, and two computers. since then, the kids have grown, the devices have multiplied, one wan connection has become two, and the home routinely burns through 1.5 terabytes of bandwidth per month.

  • misc

    changing it up

    working to consolidate where and how i post on the internet for reasons that there is no need to get into. with that, looking to make this the canonical location.